Giardino BotanicoSince 1998 the Garden has been run by the WWF Italia Onlus.
The Garden, an area of botanical interest, cultivates 500 different species and varieties of plants. There is a spontaneous Beech wood to the east, areas characteristic of the Biellese mountains (spontaneous flora) such as the high altitude peat bog and rockeries with cultivated plants from mountain ranges from all over the world (ornamental flora). The ornamental alpine plants though are cultivated in enclosed rockeries: in this way the visitor can appreciate the varied vegetation of the different mountain ranges world-wide.
The spontaneous species are sub-divided into their separate environments to enable easy recognition, in a small area, of most of the spontaneous flora of the Oropa Nature Reserve.

May, June, September
From Monday to Friday:13,00-18,00 / Saturdays and Holidays: 10,00-18,00
July and August
Everyday: 10,00-18,00

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