In charge from 2015 to 2019

Chairman of the Administration S.E. Mons. Roberto Farinella, Bishop of Biella Diocese

Chief Executive Officers

Can. Ezio Zanotti – CEO for the Ecclesiastical part

Paola Aglietta – CEO for the Laic part


Can. Remo Baudrocco – Vice CEO for the Ecclesiastical part

Silvia Perona – Vice CEO for the Laic part

Can. Massimo Minola

Can. Stefano Vaudano

Caludio Corradino, Major of the city of Biella

Nicola Simone

Deputy Members:

Can. Paolo Boffa – for the Ecclesiastic part

Gianfranco Catella Caraffa – for the Laic part

Rector Can. Don Michele Berchi

Office Manager Manuel Pera

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