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It may seem a little awkward to ask for donations explicitly, as we are used to treating these questions more implicitly. I don’t think it’s appropriate to use different strategies only to beat about the bush. Let’s not differentiate between the spiritual and the secular. Anybody who lives in this world knows that there is nothing spiritual which isn’t at the same time incarnate. To be able to celebrate a mass, or to heat the church, it costs a lot of money, in order to maintain a “house” such as this at 1,200 metres above sea level, from the electricity needed, to the personnel, from the taxes to be paid to snow-ploughing expenses, everything has its price.

Since God chose to come down on earth and live among men, He chose to take economics into account and rather than despise this, He has given it a new meaning. Therefore, we are not embarrassed to say that the Sanctuary of Oropa needs your help, including financial support, because with a donation sent to the Church of the Madonna, you are not only giving money, but saying something more. You are giving affection, hope; you are expressing your gratitude to the Madonna, just as we do in every holy mass when we leave something of our weekly labours at the altar.

Thank you for whatever you can give The Rector

If you want to make an offer with bank transfer:  IBAN CODE  IT 07 J 06090 22371 00000 1562143 Amministrazione Santuario di Oropa

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