Passione di Sordevolo Oropa

Oropa and Sordevolo Passion Play

In 2021, the year of the V Centenary Coronation of the Madonna di Oropa, the PASSION PLAY, the largest choral show in Italy played by amateur actors, will be held in Sordevolo.

Every five years, hundreds of non-professional actors stage the episodes of the Passion of Christ in the amphitheater of Sordevolo during the summer months, for a total of 40 replicas. This great collective event is unique of its kind in Italy: all the families of the village, even the children, participate in the staging of the show taking care of the architecture of the scenes, the costumes, handing down the parts from generation to generation. The show, which has been held for over 200 years, involves a total of 400 people.

Check the dates of the shows and book your stay in Oropa to experience the traditions of our territory!

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