Oropa trekking and hiking

The Oropa Trail

The Oropa Trail develops in four stages, which connect the Santhià train station (1 hour from Milan and 30 ‘from Turin) to the Oropa Sanctuary

Day 1 – From Santhià to Roppolo 

Day 2 – From Roppolo to Sala Biellese 

Day 3 – From Sala Biellese to the Sanctuary of Graglia 

Day 4 – From the Sanctuary of Graglia to the Sanctuary of Oropa

The first two days you walk along the Via Francigena to go up the Serra d’Ivrea; from here continue to the Sanctuary of Graglia and finally reach the Sanctuary of Oropa. The itinerary offers an amazing variety of landscapes and allows you to discover the historical and cultural beauties of the territory that goes from the agricultural “Pianura Padana Plain” to the Alps. Walking means also immersing yourserf in the history and spirituality of the places, going slowly and listening to the people who live there.

The path is completely marked, provided with a Pilgrim’s Passport  and a Testimonium;  a good training to face a great European path such as the Via Francigena or the Camino de Santiago. It is possible to walk the path by downloading the GPS tracks or the App, or by printing the maps from the website  www.camminodioropa.it

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