The “Ricetto of Candelo” is a fortified medieval village of the fourteenth century, the only one in Europe perfectly preserved. Walking through its cobbled streets to discover peasant culture is like walking through history 

The medieval village of Piazzo is easily accessible by funicular (departing from Piazza Curiel) or by car. Beyond the historical buildings overlooking the main square “Piazza Cisterna”, the cultural centers of Palazzo La Marmora, Palazzo Ferrero and Palazzo Gromo Losa can be visited in the bourgh.

The Shrine of Graglia was created by a project of don Nicolao Velotti,  parish priest of Graglia in 1615, who projected  the construction of a Sacro Monte (Holy Mount) with 100 chapels. The original project was decisively downsized: today the complex of the Graglia Sanctuary, dedicated to the Madonna of Loreto (carved in 1620), includes 4 chapels of the Sacro Monte and a hospice for pilgrims.

San Giovani d’Andorno is the only shrine dedicated to St. John the Baptist in Italy (and perhaps in Europe). The oldest document dates back to 1512 and refers to San Giovani Battista della Balma (cave) where the wooden statue of the saint is still preserved. The construction of the Sanctuary, equipped with an accommodation facility, was started in the early seventeenth century.

Casa Zegna, part of Fondazione Zegna, is a historical archive and cultural center in Trivero, in the province of Biella. Nearby the Zegna Wool Mill, in a 1930s building that was once the family’s home, a new “archive-museum” concept has been developed. An extraordinary synthesis of history and experience.

The Sacro Monte di Varallo is located in Valsesia, in the province of Vercelli. Placed on a spur of rock above the village of Varallo (600 m asl), it is the oldest and most important Sacred Mount in the Alps. Its history begins at the end of the 15th century, when the Franciscan friar Bernardino Caimi of Milan, returning from the Holy Land where he had been the guardian of the Holy Sepulcher, decided to reproduce the holy places of Palestine in Valsesia.

Located on the top of a hill overlooking Lake Orta, is surrounded by an amazing landscape. The forest, the variety of architectures and decorations, the enchanting view of the lake are elements that make this place unique, pervaded by a sense of spirituality. The Sacred Mount of Orta is dedicated to St. Francis of Assisi and each of the twenty chapels covers episodes from the life of the saint.

THE PASSION OF SORDEVOLO From two centuries, every 5 years, the community of Sordevolo stages the Passion Play. The show, composed of a prologue and 29 scenes, involves about 400 actors. Check out the calendar of representations of 2020:


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