corone per V Incoronazione Madonna di Oropa

The crowns for the Madonna and the Child

The crowns for the Madonna and Jesus Child for the 5th Centenary Coronation were made by the artist Luca Cavalca.

Every era has its crown“: every era has its own way of expressing the particular bond that binds us to that image. Excluding the use of crowns preserved in the Museum of the Treasures of the Sanctuary, which belong to an imperial language that would not speak to the people of our time.

The design of the crowns was selected through a contest launched in 2019 with the National Office of Ecclesiastical Cultural Heritage of the Italian Episcopal Conference.

The choice of filigree was made because this technique is present in some of the jewellery conserved in the Museo dei Tesori di Oropa, but above all because the similarity between the techniques of weaving and those of filigree creates a close relationship with the Mantle of Mercy. I wanted to represent a single thread which, from the fabric of the mantle to the gold of the crown, raises our prayers to God“. – Explains the artist Luca Cavalca –  

The tradition of the sanctuary, the local history, the devotion of the pilgrims expressed by the ex-votos and the multitude of pieces of cloth received for the Mantle of Mercy, inspired the artist.

The crowns were placed on the head of the Madonna and Child on Sunday 29 August 2021 together with the Mantle of Mercy, which can now be seen in the Ancient Basilica.

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