Manto della Misericordia per la Madonna di Oropa

The Mantle of Mercy

On the occasion of the V Centenary Coronation, together with the crown,  a mantle will be offered to the Madonna of Oropa. Just as the crown that we will put on Her head is made of sons, “sons of a Queen”, even Her mantle, which descends from the crown, will symbolically represent all of us.

In the history of art – explains Alessandra Alberto, curator of the project – the mantle of the Madonna is a symbol of protection that unites all the people“.

We wish that no one is excluded from the embrace of the Queen of Mercy – explains Don Michele Berchi – We can all take refuge under the mantle of Mary: we want everyone to be able to say: I am there too! you are there too!

The mantle will be made by the Benedictine nuns of Orta by combining thousands of pieces of cloth that each of us has donated: small swatches of fabrics that represent significant moments of our life.

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