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In 2020, on Sunday 30 August will take place the 5th centenary Coronation of the Madonna. But what does it mean today to crown the ancient effigy of the Madonna of Oropa? The liturgical gesture of placing the crown on the head of the Son and the Mother makes Oropa the place of identity, where to draw new strength to face all difficulties. Oropa is the place where the profound need of the women and men of our time is tightened to a deep bond with the Madonna, who is Queen, but also Mother and Woman, themes that bring us back to the current times in which we live. In this way, we are all “Sons of a Queen”: children that in brotherhood and communion form the most precious crown. The crown is a sign of our affection and commitment to change: the journey towards 2020 will be an opportunity to rediscover, even for the non-believers, the solidarity, hope and positivity we all need.


“For this reason we give Her a crown. To recognize who She is for us. Our wish is that all those who are fond of Oropa, find themselves involved in this great event. This would be the real crowning of the Madonna!” Don Michele Berchi, Rector of the Sanctuary

Three main projects have been launched:
1. The crowns for the Madonna and the Child 
2. The Mantle of Mercy
3. The Pilgrimage to Holy Land
Those who wish to submit their ideas and projects to the Oropa 2020 Committee can contact: segreteria.oropa2020@gmail.com 


Manto della Misericordia per la Madonna di Oropa

The Mantle of Mercy

On the occasion of the V Centenary Coronation, together with the crown, on  Sunday 30 August 2020 a mantle will be offered to the Madonna

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